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Employment Opportunity: Office Administrator

The Fairfield United Church is looking for a responsible part-time office administrator (approximately 26 hours per week) who will coordinate office activities and operations. Hours are flexible with some evening and weekend hours. We offer a competitive salary with benefits and pension. The successful candidate will: Have proven experience as an office administrator, excellent communication […]


Sunday Mornings: Lent 2017

In times of darkness, it’s challenging to choose the light. But it is possible. From crushing poverty to climate change, crashing economies to social inequalities and terrorism, our world’s darkness can leave us feeling impotent, powerless, angry and afraid. How can we possibly choose beauty in the face of grief, life in the face of […]


Celebration Sunday

Enrich your life with cake and conversation! Once a month, join us for Celebration Sunday, an optional social time with our community after our Sunday Mornings. Starting at about 11:30 am on the respective Sunday, enjoy cake in honour of our community members who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries that month. There’s nothing like cake to start meaningful conversation and […]


“Salt, Light and Earth” sermon by Rev. Keith Howard and Rev. Beth Walker

Rev. Dr. Keith Howard is profoundly curious about the interface between the Christian gospel and the social context in which we live. This curiosity has drawn him into many roles within and outside The United Church of Canada over the last 40+ years including:  preacher, writer, blogger, broadcaster, Conference staff, executive director, project team leader, […]

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Rental Opportunities

We are pleased to be able to offer our facilities for use by members of our community.   Theatre and arts groups have used our space for rehearsals and performances. Artists and artisans have held wonderful workshops and exhibitions here. Discussion groups, yoga and other wellness groups have found it a welcoming space for their activities. […]

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