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Summer 2016

The Lord’s Prayer, recited by millions of Christians every day, was recorded in Greek yet was taught by Jesus to his disciples in his mother tongue – the Aramaic. As with all translations, the original syntax, tone and body language used to articulate the original message is lost, and the ancient wisdom forgotten. What deeper […]


Community-Wide Yard Sale

We’re excited to be part of the 3rd Annual Fairfield Gonzales Community Association Community-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, May 28th from 9am-1pm. Come sell your stuff, or rummage through other people’s stuff! Want to be part of a group sale? Joining a group sale is a great option for apartment dwellers or those who want to sell […]


Property & Sustainability Update

Fairfield United, the spirited heart of Fairfield, is redeveloping for long-term sustainability. Current Status: The building and property of Fairfield United has been sold to a Victoria developer who will partner with the Fairfield United faith community to retain this space for the community. Activities of the Fairfield United faith community will continue as usual. […]

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